meal tracker and meal recommendation from JustaPlate the plate method app

The Plate Method App

JustaPlate is your visual meal tracker app to help you build healthy eating habits.

The Plate Method App is in alignment with the latest nutrition guides.

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Plan healthy balanced meals with just a plate

  • 1/4 Proteins
  • 1/4 Whole Grains
  • 1/2 Vegetables and Fruits
The Plate Method App meal tracker screen
JustaPlate The Plate Method App  - Next meal recommendation

Get meals and recipes recommendations

  • Plan your next balanced meal
  • Based on your most recent meals
  • Get the Plate Method right

Get Recipes inspiration

  • Adapted to your needs
  • Healthy and nutritious
  • Delicious and easy to make
JustaPlate app - Tofu Peanut Butter Stew recipe screen
JustaPlate app - charts screen, proteins, vegetables, fruits, whole grains and fats analytics

Make meal tracking easy and flexible

  • Guilt free tracker
  • No calories chasing
  • No food categories exclusion

Make healthy eating a lifestyle

  • Build awareness of what you eat
  • Start with small changes
  • Set achievable goals
JustaPlate app - Tracked meal details, plate proportions, notes, vegetarian, dinner, medium size with drinks

JustaPlate is a meal tracker app based on the Plate Method. It allows for visual organisation of a nutritionally balanced meal.  With JustaPlate make healthy diet part of your balanced routine, build sustainable lifestyle and enjoy delicious healthy meals without guilt.

Start now your awareness nutrition journey

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